‘Sandwich Dressing’ Styling Hack

‘Sandwich Dressing’ Styling Hack

‘Sandwich Dressing’ is a styling hack that’ll instantly elevate your outfits with minimal effort.

Do you ever wonder how some outfits look so balanced and put together? It’s all because of a style rule called Sandwich Dressing, or a Fashion Sandwich. Nothing to do with a chicken sandwich (a little Frankenmuth humor!) but instead a suggestion to think about building outfits in much the same way you think about building a sandwich.

As the name suggests it is the principle of matching the color of your top half to your shoes, and ‘sandwiching’ a different shade in the middle. You begin by selecting a color for the top and bottom halves of your outfit. This is the ‘bread’, which will pull your whole look together. Next choose an opposing color for your ‘middle’– whether that be trousers, a skirt, a shirt or cardigan. If you’re not sure where to start your sandwich journey, accessories can help you dip the toe in the water… or sandwich. For example, a black hat with black boots or a grey blazer with grey socks.

It’s such a popular formula because it’s easy to pull off and always looks good. So, the next time you’re in a rush and stuck for outfit ideas, let the 'sandwich' rule help. We’ve enlisted Jackie to put together a few looks showcasing several different ways to create the Fashion Sandwich. Tune in HERE!

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