How to wear satin pants!

How to wear satin pants!

Satin pants are such a fun statement piece and a unexpected trend that’s easier to style than you think.  Wear them to class, add a blazer for the office, or dress them up for a night out. You can’t go wrong with having a pair in your closet!

In this Trending Tuesday we will show you are several different ways to style a classic, and versatile, pair of black satin pants. But, before we get into those ideas, here are a few fashion tips to keep in mind whenever you wear any outfit with satin pants.

  • When styling an outfit with these pants, experiment with different color combinations. Utilizing various chic color choices in your attire will make it appear classy and attractive.
  • Wear a balanced outfit. For example, if you’re wearing loose or baggy satin trousers, pair them with a fitted top. Also, if you’re wearing tight pants, consider a slightly loose blouse with it.
  • If you wish to use necklaces, waist belts or chains, or other jewelry with your silk outfits, bear in mind that anything too fancy might make your attire look overstuffed and heavy.
  • If you’re wearing fancy or dark printed silk trousers, pair them with a basic white top, because plaid pants look great with plain t-shirts.

Click HERE to see how Dee style’s the satin pant now!

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