1 Jacket 5 Different Ways

Trending on Tuesday my friends brought to you by Jackie this week! 
A Bomber Jacket is a must-have in your fall wardrobe. Watch how Jackie uses one Jacket for 5 different looks.
Fall Florals Going Strong

Floral prints are continuing their strong trend into the fall. Whether you are a die hard floral print wearer or mehhh about it, check out some easy ways to incorporate this print into your wardrobe without looking like your Grandma's old couch.
How to wear skirts for Fall!

Its easy to throw on pants and leggings during the fall season but if you are looking to step up your look try a skirt! There are pleanty of ways to stay warm and cozy (trust me I wouldn't do it if there weren't) while rocking a skirt for the fall. Check out some of my favorite ways to rock the trend below!
How to wear Mustard without looking like a Hot Dog!

You knew it would be coming... Trending on Tuesday Mustard edition! Whether you are loving the color or don't think its for you, watch below to see how to incorporate this hot fall color into your wardrobe while seeing what shades of mustard look best for your skin tone.