How to Style the Mixed Media Trend
Trust me, the mixed media trend may sound complicated, but it’s actually easy to wear and unquestionably chic. The key is integrating multiple prints, fabrics, and textures. Think of it as the perfect mashup of of-the-moment Spring trends. Watch the video below for some easy mixed media style how-to's!
How to Transition your Plaids and Flannels into Spring

Trending on Tuesday is BAAACK! With a nice big baby bump.
This week we are talking everything Plaid and Flannel. I know you are probably thinking... this time of year?! YES! A good flannel or plaid top can transition into Spring for some really cute outfits. Watch the video below for inspiration!
6 More Days until Christmas!

How is your Christmas Shopping coming along? 6 more days!

Today's Trending on Tuesday is my top 5 picks for stocking stuffers. Check it out and grab up some great last-minute gifts this week.
How to Tie a Blanket Scarf!

Do you envy those Pinterest girls and their blanket scarf tying ability?😏 We have the scarf tying pro-in-house to show you how you can look just as fabulous!

I know you have been missing Regina and she is the scarf wizard so here is Trending on Tuesday with Regina's favorite ways to tie the Blanket Scarf! ðŸ§£
Wearing Booties with a Dress?! Yes! Major YES!

Some ladies shy away from wearing booties with a dress because the perception is that dresses are formal and booties are casual. Not always true, topping your favorite booties with dresses and skirts opens up a ton of style opportunities... watch below to see why it works!
The key to fuzzy layers and fashionable warmth!

There are SO many great cozy textures out there this season! With winter on the horizon, there is nothing better than staying warm and trendy. From fleece and Sherpa to corduroy and flannel, there is definitely a cozy fabric out there for you!
Brown is the New Black

This 70's inspired Hue is BACK! No, it's not just for Girl Scouts and UPS Drivers. 2018's Fashion word has declared brown a fall must-have hue. 

Watch below to see how you can incorporate these retro vibes into your wardrobe!
Trending... Menswear Inspired Looks
Menswear trends have been popular throughout the seasons for decades. The simple and polished look with hints of feminine accents make for a stunning look and very convenient to wear because let's be honest, guys have it pretty easy when getting dressed in the morning! 

Traditionally menswear prints segway nicely in the the wear-to-work wardrobe because of the classic menswear suit. The key to pulling it off in a feminine way is tailoring and proportion. Check out the video below for some great tips on adding these classy looks to your fall wardrobe!
1 Jacket 5 Different Ways

Trending on Tuesday my friends brought to you by Jackie this week! 
A Bomber Jacket is a must-have in your fall wardrobe. Watch how Jackie uses one Jacket for 5 different looks.
Fall Florals Going Strong

Floral prints are continuing their strong trend into the fall. Whether you are a die hard floral print wearer or mehhh about it, check out some easy ways to incorporate this print into your wardrobe without looking like your Grandma's old couch.
How to wear skirts for Fall!

Its easy to throw on pants and leggings during the fall season but if you are looking to step up your look try a skirt! There are pleanty of ways to stay warm and cozy (trust me I wouldn't do it if there weren't) while rocking a skirt for the fall. Check out some of my favorite ways to rock the trend below!
How to wear Mustard without looking like a Hot Dog!

You knew it would be coming... Trending on Tuesday Mustard edition! Whether you are loving the color or don't think its for you, watch below to see how to incorporate this hot fall color into your wardrobe while seeing what shades of mustard look best for your skin tone.
The Do's of Styling a Cardigan for Fall

Want to look like the cute fall Pumpkin Spice Latte girls on Pinterest? Watch this video.​
Denim Care 101

We've all heard it, the crazy advice of NEVER washing your jeans.What?! Thats crazy! And kinda gross...
This week's Trending on Tuesday is all about tips for WASHING, yes washing, your jeans to help prolong their life and keep them in the great shape you bought them in. I have been using these techniques over the last month and I have to say I am impressed. Watch the video below and let me know what you think and if you have any other great tips please share!
Color Block is BACK!

Wondering how to rock some major color block without looking like you are stuck in the 80's? From classic black and white to textured neutrals and pops of color, color block sweaters are a must-have for fall. 
Watch below for some styling tips to accessorize your color block on point.
P.S. don't mind the VERY lopsided sunglasses. Lol. Still a little LV lag...​
Trending on Tuesday Teacher and Student Addition

Calling all Students and Teachers - are you ready for the new 2018-2019 school year!? Sad about the summer coming to and end? I get it...Watch this video for a few fun things to get you excited for this next coming school year.